Online tool for teaching high school mathematics

Contains assignments for collaborative learning and self-study. Automatically evaluates results of the students in real-time and shows teachers how to build on those results.

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73 % of schools that tried Techambition now use it in their teaching. Why?

Techambition is not just assignments - It's your personal assistant.

Helps engage students

Techambition contains head-turning visualizations to support your explanation, interactive tasks for collaborative learning that generates discussion, and tasks for efficient self-study.

Makes your students think

When using Techambition, your students are not just passively learning. Thanks to hundreds of visualizations and hints, students will figure out many relations on their own.

Evaluates results for you

You can just check the results and recommendations prepared by the system in real-time and save precious time.

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Using Techambition is easier than sending an e-mail with an attachment

In-class teaching

Collaborative tasks may be completed by groups of students using tablets, smartphones or computers. Either school or their own. There are always couple of them.

All visualizations can be easily shared on an interactive whiteboard or just a projector to support your explanation.


Half of all students complete their homework using mobile devices.

When it comes to tasks focused on theory, a smartphone is all they need. During practical exercises however, they will probably also need a sheet of paper and a pencil.


Of course you will be provided with the results of your students. They are prepared for you in real-time.

Techambition will also show you how to build on those results.

We have been developing award-winning educational tools for years.

Award for contribution to an education

In 2013, Techambition won an award for its contribution to education by Google and EduIn in the category of new technologies.

Experience at Stanford

In 2014, we were developing interactive tools for thermodynamics courses at Stanford University. The idea of a digital personal assistant for teachers was born during this experience.

Finalist of the worldwide challenge

In 2017, we got to the final of the biggest event in the world of innovative technologies – Get in the Ring.

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